Saturday, 17 January 2009

#1 - 'Soup' by Socrates Adams-Florou and Jack Chevell


Written by Socrates Adams-Florou
Illustrated by Jack Chevell

I am pouring the carton of soup in to my mouth slowly and deliberately. There is a rich glugging noise as the soup enters my orifice, carefully coating my mouth and tongue and throat. The soup is steaming and resting in my mouth before I gulp it tenderly down into my insides. There is plenty of soup all over my lips and face, all the way up to my eyes. I blink and the soup goes inside my eyes, it has engulfed my eyelashes and brows. It has swamped my face.

I am naked. I stand in my kitchen with sheets of newspaper underneath me so that the soup doesn't damage my smooth and recently laid wooden and precious floorboards. My hand is holding the large carton as I pour it everywhere. It is a scene from an oil painting; it has an impasto verve and vibrancy that my life normally lacks. I am part of something. The camera on my kitchen table records me with a blinking red light.
I load the video onto my computer and carefully edit the footage. I slow down the footage so that it looks like the soup is a cascading and powerful waterfall. The rich orange soup is looking lovely. It makes my body look extra pale and feeble underneath its torrential and magnificent power. I download the song, "Sail away" by Enya and add the music to the video to make it atmospheric and beautiful.
I watch the video five times.
Every time I watch it, it gets worse and worse. I can't understand why I am doing this.Then I remember.
I send the e-mail with the file attached to it to the address. The address is

Socrates Adams-Florou
Socrates is
Socrates is
Socrates is crying
Help him.

Jack Chevell
'I started drawing as soon as I could pick up crayons. My career really took off and my work was often exhibited. Usually on the fridge. I now work mainly in black ink and biro. I still exhibit on the fridge.'


xtx said...

super excellent

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

Jack, the picture is more fantastic than I could have ever dreamed of.